Evoé Cultural Cultural Crwodfunding site. Freelance work, frontend and backend.

Hyndai/CAOA digital flagship. Roles: Developer of an interactive videowall cotrolled by an application using web sockets. Coordinator on the Archery Game development using Unity3d and a hacked Wii-Mote and Android Specboard tablet app. Also developer on Kids Table with four children games.

Petrobras Rio Oil&Gas Stand. Role: Coordinator on production of a touch web application for eleven touch screens with Pre-Salt presentation and data. Studies on Leap Motion interface.

Founders/Inhotim/Fernanda Takai. Role: Developer of Augmented Reality app, iOS and Android, made in Unity3d using Vuforia.

C0nn3ct1ons is a (wanna be) a art project. It's a instalation with a projector and camera, detecting movements in the room and drawing real time lines in the center of this movement. The result is a beautiful map of the connections between movements. The project was never exibithed - I'm trying ;). Developed using openframeworks and c++ in a Macbook Pro.

Skett is a drawer bot equiped with tons of trigonometric functions. Future aproach with acelerometer and giroscope, coming soon, early 2017.

Hi I'm Thiago Schettini, a developer creative technologist from Belo Horizonte Brazil. Works in Python/PHP, some mobile apps and arduino projects. Contact me in my email thiago@skett.xyz